Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs)

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are secretary or membrane type proteolytic enzymes that act on extracellular matrix protein components such as collagens, gelatins, elastins, laminins, fibronectins, and integrins. MMPs are synthesized as zymogens and are activated to functional forms on autoproteolysis or by other proteases. Naturally, the activity of MMPs was regulated by specific tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases and transcriptionally regulated by miRNAs. MMPs have an important role in tissue remodeling by regulating cell death, morphogenesis, and wound healing activity. Overexpression of MMPs leads to various pathologies predominantly cancer, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases. Impact of MMPs on breast cancer progressions such as proliferation, angiogenesis, invasion, and metastasis are focused in this review.

Different Molecular Modeling Studies