Sl. no. Title Author name
1. Introduction To Protein Sciences A.M .Lesk.
2. Text Book Of Drug Design And Discovery Larsen
3. Molecular Modeling Leach
4. Genomics And Proteomics Suhai
5. A Text Book Of Bioinformatics Subramanian
6. Encyclopedia Of Bioinformatics I. Kuppuswamy
7. Encyclopedia Of Bioinformatics II Kuppuswamy
8. Encyclopedia Of Bioinformatics III Kuppuswamy
9. Encyclopedia Of Bioinformatics IV Kuppuswamy
10. Encyclopedia Of Bioinformatics V Kuppuswamy
11. Bioinformatics Algorithms Kuppuswamy
12. Bioinformatics Basics Rashidi
13. Consense Dictionary Of Bioinformatics Karuna Sree
14. Bioinformatics            Rastogi
15. Bioinformatics Sequences And Genome Analysis D.L. Mount
16. Computer Graphics Harrington
17. Fundamentals Of Database Systems Elmasri
18. Microarrays  For An Interactive Genomics Aluintoklo
19. Structural Bioinformatics P.E.Bourne
20. The Organic Chemistry And Drug Discovery R.B.Silverman
21. Lab –On-Chips For Cellomics Helene Anderson And Albert Vanden Berg
22. An Introduction To Protein Informatics Karl-Heinz Zimmermann
23. Paralell Computing For Bioinformatics And Computational Biology Albert Y.Zom
24. Bioinformatics:In The Post-Genomic Era Jeff Augen
25. Principles Of Proteomics R.M.Twyman
26. Intelligent Bioinformatics Edward Keedwell and Ajit Narayanan
27. Functional GenomicsMethods & Protocols

Michael J.Brownstein Arkady  B.Khodursky

28. Proteomics Today Mahmoud Hamdan,Pier GiougioRighetti
29. Fragment-Based Approaches In Drug Discovery    R.Mannhold,H.Kubinyi,G.Folkers
30. Integrated Drug Discovery Technologies Houng Yaumei,Anthonyw.Czarnik
31. Knowledge Discovery In BioinformaticsTechniques,Methods And Applications Xiaohua Hu,Yi Pan
32. Hand Book Of Assay Development In Drug Discovery Lisa K.Minor
33. Structure Based Drug Discovery Harren Jhoti,Andrew Leach
34. Understanding Bioinformatics Marketa Zvelebil,Jeremy O.Baum
35. Encyclopaedia  Of Nano Informatics Vol -1  H.Lari Chrystler
36. Encyclopaedia  Of Nano Informatics Vol -2 H.Lari Chrystler
37. Intruduction To Bioinformatics M.S. Krishna Kumar
38. Biomedical Informatics Edward H.Shortliffe, James J.Cimino
39. Immunology Kuby,Kindt,Goldsby
40. Bioinformatics A Practical Approach Shui Qing Ye
41. Bioinformatics            M.S.Krishnakumar
42. Advances In Bioinformatics M.S.Krishnakumar
43. Basic Bioinformatics   M.S.Krishnakumar
44. Bioprocess Engineering Principles Paulline M.Doran
45. Protein Structure T.E.Creighton
46. Bioinformatics  Sequence, Structure and Databanks Des Higgins Willie Taylor
47. Bioprocess  Technology P.T Kalaichelvan I Arul Pandi
48. Bioinformatics Dr.Shalini Suri
49. Bioinformatics  Databases And Algorithms N.Gautham
50. Bioinformatics            D.R.Westhead, J.H.Parish and R.M.Twyman
51. BioinformaticsMethods And Applications Genomics, Proteomics And Drug Discovery S.C.Rastogi, N.Mendiratta P.Rastogi
52. Bioinformatics  Technologies Springer International Edition
53. Bioinformatics And Molecular Evolution Paul G.Higgs And Teresa K.Attwood
54. Foundations Of Genetic Programming William B.Langdon Riccardo Poli
55. Computer – Aided Drug Design Methods and Applications Thomas J.Perun.C.L.Propst
56. Introduction ToMathematics For Life Scientists E.Batschelet
57. Bioinformatics Of Genome Regulation And Structure Edited By Nikolay  Kolchanov Ralf Hofestaedt
58. Lecture NotesImmunology Ian Todd Gavin Spickett
59. Modeling Biological Systems Principles And Applications James W.Haefner
60. Computational Biology R.Wunschiers
61. Biochips As Pathways To Drug Discovery Andrew Carmen Gary
62. Protein Biochemistry And Proteomics Hubert Rehm
63. Functional Informatics In Drug Discovery Sergey Ilyin
64. Bioinformatics And The Cell Modern Computational Approaches in Genomics, Proteomics and Transcriptomics Xuhua Xia
65. Introduction  To  Protein Structure Carl Branden And John Tooze
66. Object Oriented Programming With C + + E.Balagurusamy
67. Oracle Database 10g —The Complete Reference Kevin Loney


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